TerraWest has grown to 30 people across 5 regional offices. We offer environmental assessments, strategic advice, and project management guided by a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Meet The TerraWest Team

We invite you to meet the team that has built TerraWest into the modern consulting firm you see today.  Each office has environmental professionals ready to provide the highest level of service.  Great service means we listen, learn, and ask questions.  Our team is trained to communicate effectively.  Projects are designed to your needs as a client and we like to keep things simple.  Phone calls are answered, emails are returned quickly, and if you have concerns we talk about them and find solutions.  We take your project and make it easy for you to understand what needs to be done.  In simple terms, our team provides great value.

Terrawest Management Group

Each office is led by an Operations Manager that drives new business and spreads the company mission and vision.  The managers take personal responsibility for all areas of their operations, including client relationships, project control, staff mentoring, and taking out the garbage if needed.  They are the local leaders for TerraWest.  Each manager started their career with long days and hard work in the field.  Over time they have learned to communicate effectively and “speak” both field and business.  Our clients like the casual nature of how we build relationships.  We don’t force sell.  Our focus is to build comfort and understanding with each of our clients and their projects.  Click the photo links below to meet the Management team!

Company Values

The growth of TerraWest has happened organically over time, and we are very proud of that.  We rely on a strong referral network, repeat business, word of mouth, and little to no advertising.  It is important that we focus on our corporate values and client relationships.  We know that we act differently than our competition.  Revenues and profit margins are not the main measures of success at TerraWest.  Rather, we focus on happy staff, positive client feedback, referrals to new business, and brand recognition.  We prefer it that way to be honest.

The TerraWest team believes in a philosophy of continuous improvement. We know that slow and steady growth is the best method for long-term success.  Our company values include:

  • Integrity – Honesty with ourselves and others.
  • Hard Work – Commitment, personal responsibility, and the determination to do our best.
  • Growth – Always look forward and always look up.
  • Teamwork – Support each other using the strength of a team.
  • Optimism – Focus on the positive while learning from the negative.
  • Courage – Take calculated risk without the fear of failure.
  • Relationships – At the end of the day it’s about those you surround yourself with.


Alister Frayling
Adam Mabbott
Vice President - Operations
Kari Marks
Administration Manager
Kathy Muirhead
Operations Manager - Hazardous Materials
Erich Bell
Director - Vancouver Island Operations
Mathew Isenor
Operations Manager - Prince George
Stephanie Lindberg
Operations Manager - Kelowna
Ray Boudreau
Operations Manager - Red Deer
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