Property Development

Environmental Services Supporting Property Development: Paving the Way for Success

At TerraWest, we specialize in providing essential environmental services that play a pivotal role in supporting property development projects of all sizes and scopes. Our deep understanding of municipal strategies and regulatory landscapes allows us to minimize risks related to approval and permitting processes. Whether you're embarking on a new development venture or seeking to revitalize an existing property, our comprehensive services are designed to streamline the journey from concept to completion.

Our Property Development and Consulting Services Include:

      1. Development Permits, Re-Zoning, Lot Line Adjustments, and Municipal Approvals:

Our team has the expertise to navigate complex municipal processes, securing the necessary development permits, managing re-zoning requirements, and facilitating lot line adjustments. We help you obtain the essential municipal approvals that are the foundation of your property development project.

      1. Demolition Management and Field Oversight:

Demolition is often a critical phase in property development. We provide meticulous management and on-site oversight to ensure safe and efficient demolition practices, making way for new opportunities.

      1. Full-Scale Remediation Works:

Our comprehensive remediation services cover the entire spectrum, from initial assessments to planning, implementation, and finalization. We help you address environmental concerns effectively, allowing for the transformation of previously contaminated or challenged sites.

      1. Certificates of Compliance, Approvals, and Regulatory Instruments:

We streamline the process of obtaining certificates of compliance, approvals, and other necessary regulatory instruments, ensuring that your property development project complies with all relevant regulations and requirements.

      1. Professional Opinion & Strategic Advising

Our team offers professional opinions and strategic advising to guide your property development decisions. We provide insights, recommendations, and advice that align with your project's goals and vision.

      1. Site Disclosure Statements:

We assist in the preparation and management of Site Disclosure Statements, ensuring that all relevant information about the property's history, potential environmental concerns, and past land use is properly disclosed and considered in your property development plans.