Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), or Phase I ESA, is an evaluation carried out on a property to analyze the probability of environmental contamination. Phase I typically involves visual observations, historical use reviews and regulatory records.

A Phase II ESA or “detailed site investigation” involves follow-up assessment, often including soil collection and sampling for vapor intrusion as well as groundwater sample analysis. While Phase I Assessments determine the likelihood of contamination, Phase II evaluates the true presence of environmental contaminants.

If you are finalizing bank financing conditions on a property purchase or sale, you will likely require Phase 1 & Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments. ESAs are often needed to satisfy requirements for municipal permits or governmental approval, or when implementing new corporate environmental due diligence policies. In any case, TerraWest is here to advise and help.

Design & Implementation of Groundwater Monitoring Programs

TerraWest designs and implements groundwater monitoring systems in BC and Alberta. These networks generate level and quality records for groundwater on a site; records are reliable, accurate, and enduring. Analyzing groundwater level and quality provides critical information toward determining water availability related to natural and human factors, identifying spatial and temporal variation causes, and strategizing water management action. Contact us today to learn more about how groundwater monitoring programs can help with groundwater management on your site.

Hydrogeological Assessments

TerraWest conducts hydrogeological assessments to evaluate the effects of suggested development on current water supply wells, wetlands, streams, Areas of Natural or Scientific Interest (ANSI), and other sensitive receptors that could be affected by environmental contaminants. These site assessments typically involve an initial evaluation of current and historical activities that may have impacted the groundwater regime as well as boreholes to determine soil stratigraphy and groundwater monitoring well installation. If you’re completing a property development, contact TerraWest to discuss how a hydrogeological assessment may fit your needs.

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